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A Prima Vista


Flute-Series Broekmans & Van Poppel B.V.

Editor: Rien de Reede Graphic Design: Marc Terstroet.

Flute Series
published by Broekmans & Van Poppel of
Amsterdam presents a familiar and less familiar flute
repertoire, edited by prominent musicians and musicologists
such as Frans Vester, Nikolaus Delius, Peter van Munster,
Jane Bowers, Trevor Wye, William Bennett and Rien de Reede.
The utmost care has been devoted to edition technique, the
prime consideration being respect for the original musical
text. Nearly all the editions are accompanied by a foreword
with the composer’s biographical data and information about
the work itself. Composers such as Louis Andriessen, Joep
Straesser and Jean Lambrechts have added to the repertoire
with new compositions, and Pip van Steen, Ruud Bos and
Jelle Hogenhuis have made a stimulating contribution to
flute tuition for young players with the ‘Graffiti Series’.
A number of new books of studies aim at greater variety in
the literature of flute exercises. Works by Drouet and
Reichert are finally available again, and Adriaan Bonsel
and Geert van Keulen were invited to add to the most recent
etude literature.

Catalogue Flute Series
Catalogus Fluit Serie
Flute-Series Broekmans & Van Poppel B.V.

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