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Celtic Piano Collection Celtic Piano Collection Celtic Piano Collection
Celtic Piano Collection





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The "Celtic Piano Collection" arranged by Allan Alexander and played by Andrew D. Gordon contains 34 songs transcribed for piano/keyboards, most of them originating from Ireland and Scotland. The book also includes three charming original pieces written in the Celtic style by Allan.

Play the beautiful haunting melodies of the Irish Harper O'Carolan, take a musical journey with dances that were written more than 400 years ago and experience Celtic traditional music that is the mainstay of modern players. If you are learning and looking for great music, this is one book that you will not be able to put down. If you are a performer looking for high quality material, these great pieces, expertly arranged, will become part of your permanent repertoire.

The CD, played by Andrew D. Gordon, gives the musician the advantage of being able to hear how these songs should be played and will make the learning process easier. Many of these pieces were written for the lute, however Allan has found that they work very well piano/keyboards. Being an accomplished player of both lute and guitar, he has the knowledge to make accurate, musical transcriptions. Many of the selections have variations on the original melodies. This adds another dimension to pieces and enhances a performance. Allan is a professional performer and these selections are part of Allan's permanent repertoire.


  • 1. A lilt (Rory Dall)
  • 2. Blackthorn stick (Anonymous)
  • 3. Thomas Burke (Turlough Carolan)
  • 4. Mrs. O'Neill of Carlane (Turlough Carolan)
  • 5. Carolan's farewell (Allan Alexander)
  • 6. Castles in the sky (Anon)
  • 7. Cremonea (Turlough Carolan)
  • 8. The clergy's lamentation
  • 9. Comben Market & Ellen O'Grady (Anon)
  • 10. Dermott O'Doud (Turlough Carolan)
  • 11. The Queen's dream (Turlough Carolan)
  • 12. Sheebeg Sheemore (Turlough Carolan)
  • 13. Corne yards (Anon)
  • 14. Mrs. Farrell (Turlough Carolan)
  • 15. Separation of soul & body (Turlough Carolan)
  • 16. Carolan's favorite jig (Turlough Carolan)
  • 17. Carolan's frolic (Turlough Carolan)
  • 18. Heartland air (Allan Alexander)
  • 19. I serve a worthy lady (Anon)
  • 20. Linda's love (Allan Alexander)
  • 21. Morgan Megan (Turlough Carolan)
  • 22. I never knew I love thee (Anon)
  • 23. Nynth Gwcw (Anonymous)
  • 24. O'Carolan's quarrel with the landlady
  • (Turlough Carolan)
  • 25. Carolan's receipt for drinking (Turlough
  • Carolan)
  • 26. Road to Listonvarna & the Morris dance (Anon)
  • 27. Rug Muire Mac de Dhia
  • 28. Scottish (Anon)
  • 29. Carolan's welcome home (Turlough Carolan)
  • 30. Woe betyd thy wearie bodie (Anon)
  • 31. The butterfly (Anon)
  • 32. Cary Jane (Allan Alexander)
  • 33. Deever the dancer & the widow well married
  • 34. Nynth Gwcw (Advanced version)











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