Classic Guitar Collection Vol.1 - Album

Classic Guitar Collection Vol.1 (Vinson)
Classic Guitar Collection Vol.1 (Vinson) Classic Guitar Collection Vol.1 (Vinson) Classic Guitar Collection Vol.1 (Vinson)
000395, 9780860014515
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Classic Guitar Collection Vol.1 - Album

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  • Adagio In A [Tarrega, Francisco]
  • Adagio In E Minor (Aguado, Dionisio)
  • Adagio In G (Aguado, Dionisio)
  • Adnante In A Minor (Aguado, Dionisio)
  • Allegretto In C (Sor, Fernando)
  • Allegretto Moderato In D (Sor, Fernando)
  • Allegro In A (Giluiani, Mauro)
  • Allegro In A Minor (Carulli, Ferdinando)
  • Allegro In C (Sor, Fernando)
  • Allegro In G (Sor, Fernando)
  • Allegro Moderato In C (Kuffner, Joseph)
  • Andante In A (Sor, Fernando)
  • Andante In C (Aguado, Dionisio)
  • Andante In C (Giluiani, Mauro)
  • Andante In C (Sor, Fernando)
  • Andante In D (Aguado, Dionisio)
  • Andante In E Minor (Aguado, Dionisio)
  • Andante In E Minor (Sor, Fernando)
  • Andante In G (Aguado, Dionisio)
  • Andante In G (Sor, Fernando)
  • Andantino In C (Giluiani, Mauro)
  • Andantino In C (Sor, Fernando)
  • Andantino In E Minor (Sor, Fernando)
  • Andantino In G (Carcassi, Matteo)
  • Andantio In C (Carcassi, Matteo)
  • Branle (Bersado, Giovanni)
  • Capricco In C (Carulli, Ferdinando)
  • Caprice In G (Carulli, Ferdinando)
  • Dance (Anonymous)
  • Dance Of The Washerwoman (Newsidler, Hans)
  • Eight Easy Dance (Sanz, Gaspar)
  • Estampe (Anonymous)
  • Four Easy Pieces (Kuffner, Joseph)
  • Four Northern Dance, Op. 14 (Giluiani, Mauro)
  • Galliard (Morlaye G,)
  • Gavotte [Turk, Daniel Gottlob]
  • Greensleeves
  • Hapfauf (Newsidler, Hans)
  • Italiana
  • Landler (Kuffner, Joseph)
  • Lento In C (Sor, Fernando)
  • Lento In E Minor (Carulli, Ferdinando)
  • Minuet In C (Diabelli, Antonio)
  • Minuet In D (Visee, Robert De)
  • Minuet In F (Diabelli, Antonio)
  • Mistress Winter's Jump [Dowland, John]
  • Moderato In A Minor (Sor, Fernando)
  • Moderato In C [Sor, Fernando]
  • Moderato In D (Diabelli, Antonio)
  • Moderato In D (Sor, Fernando)
  • Modrato In E Minor (Sor, Fernando)
  • Nachtanz (Anonymous)
  • Passacaille [Visee, Robert De]
  • Passamezzo
  • Pavana [Milan, Luis]
  • Prelude Allemande
  • Prelude In A (Carulli, Ferdinando)
  • Prelude In A Minor (Carulli, Ferdinando)
  • Prelude In C (Carulli, Ferdinando)
  • Prelude In D Minor (Carulli, Ferdinando)
  • Prelude In E Minor (Carulli, Ferdinando)
  • Prelude In G (Carulli, Ferdinando)
  • Romanza (Anonymous)
  • Saltarello [Galileo, Vicenzo]
  • Sarabande for a sandwich
  • Six Easy Preludes (Carcassi, Matteo)
  • Song
  • Song (Carcassi, Matteo)
  • Spanish Dance [Moszkowski, Moritz]
  • Tedesca (Anonymous)
  • Thame And Variations (Kuffner, Joseph)
  • Troisieme Mazurka
  • Two Miniatures (Bartok, Bela)
  • Two Short Canons (Kunz, Konrad)
  • Veritables Preludes Flasques
  • Waltz (Meignen, L)
  • Waltz And Variations (Carulli, Ferdinando)
  • Waltz In A (Carulli, Ferdinando)
  • Waltz In E (Carulli, Ferdinando)
  • Waltz In G (Carulli, Ferdinando)
  • Y La Mi Cinta Dorado (Narvaez, Luys De)

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