Complete Works for Keyboard (Dover) - Jean Philippe Rameau


Rameau Complete Works for Keyboard (Dover) Rameau Complete Works for Keyboard (Dover) Rameau Complete Works for Keyboard (Dover) Rameau Complete Works for Keyboard (Dover) Rameau Complete Works for Keyboard (Dover)
Rameau Complete Works for Keyboard (Dover)





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Treasury of 63 works for keyboard by major French composer, harmonic innovator. Published between 1706 and 1741, they are reprinted in this volume from the authoritative edition edited by Camille Saint-Saëns. Included are such well-known pieces as: "Musette en Rondeau," "Tambourin," "Les Niais de Sologne," "Les Cyclopes" and "La Poule." Sustained tone makes these pieces especially well-suited to modern piano.

A contemporary of Bach, Handel, Scarlatti, and Telemann, Jean-Phillipe Rameau (1683–1764) was a notable theorist and innovator and the preeminent French composer of his day. The depth and power that characterize his music are in ample evidence in this volume of all 63 of Rameau's works for keyboard, published between 1706 and 1741, including such well-known pieces as "Musette en Rondeau," "Tambourin," "Les Niais de Sologne," "Les Cyclopes," and "La Poule." The music is reproduced here from the important and well-produced edition of Rameau's keyboard works edited by Camille Saint-Saëns. Because the composer attempted to use his keyboard as a sustaining instrument, these pieces lend themselves especially well to performance on modern pianos. Now today's musicians can enjoy Rameau's complete oeuvre for solo keyboard in this inexpensive high-quality edition.

Reprint of the A. Durand et Fils, Paris, 1895 edition.


  • Premier Livre de Pieces de Clavecin (d'apres le recueil paru en 1706) [First Book of Harpsichord Pieces (based on the collection published in 1706)]
  • PreIude
  • Allemande
  • 2e Allemande
  • Courante
  • Gigue
  • Ire & 2c Sarabande
  • Vdnitienne [Venetian]
  • Gavotte
  • Menuet
  • Pieces de Clavecin (d'apWs le recueil paru en 1724 et r6edite en 1731) [Harpsichord Pieces (based on the collection published in 1724 and revised in 1731)]
  • Menuet en Rondeau
  • Allemande
  • Courante
  • Gigue en Rondeau
  • 211e Gigue en Rondeau
  • Le Rappel des Oiseaux [The Gashering of the Birds]
  • 1er & 2—e Rigaudo
  • Double du 211c Rigaudon
  • Musette en Rondeau
  • Tambourin
  • La Villageoise (Rondeau) [The Village Girl]
  • Les Tendres Plaintes (Rondeau) [The Gentle Complaints]
  • Les Niais de Sologne [The Pretending Fools]
  • ler Double des Niais [Ist Variation on the Fools]
  • 2d Double des Niais [2nd Variation on the Fools]
  • Les Soupirs [The Sighs]
  • La Joyeuse (Rondeau) [The Merry One]
  • La Fellette (Rondeau) [The Madcap]
  • L'Entretien des Muses [The Discourse of the Muses]
  • Les Tourbillons (Rondeau) [The Whirlwinds]
  • Les Cyclopes (Rondeau)
  • Nouvelles Suites de Pieces de Clavecin ou 2e Livre (dapres l'Edition du temps) [ca. 1728] [New Suites of Harpsichord Pieces or 2nd book (based on the original edition)]
  • Allemande
  • Courante
  • Sarabande
  • Les Trois Mains [The Three Hands]
  • Fanfarinette
  • La Triomphante [The Triumphani One]
  • Gavotte & Six Doubles
  • Les Tricotets (Rondeau)
  • L'Indifferente [The Indifferent One]
  • Menuet
  • 2—e Menuet
  • La Poule [The Hen]
  • Les Triolets
  • Les Sauvages [The Savages]
  • L'Enharmonique [The Enharmonic (Change)]
  • L'Egyptienne [The Egyptian]
  • La Dauphine
  • 5 Pieces extrafites des Pieces en Concertt [1741] Nduction pour clavecin seul par l'auteur (d'apres l'Edition du temps) [5 Pieces from "Concerted Pieces" Reduction for solo harpsichord by the composer (based on the original edition)]
  • La Livri (Rondeau) [(Le Comte de) Livry]
  • L'Agacante [The Provocative One]
  • La Timide [The Timid One]:
  • 1- Rondeau
  • 2' Rondeau
  • L'Indiscrete (Rondeau) [The Indiscreet One]
  • Appendice: Pieces de Clavecin attribuees ä J. Ph. Rameau* (d'apres un recueil copie existant a la bibliotheque du Conservatoire de Musique de Paris) [Appendix: Harpsichord Pieces attributed to Jean-Philippe Rameau (based on an extant copied collection in the library of the Paris Conservatory of Music)]
  • La Victoire [The Victory]
  • La Sensible [The Sensitive One]
  • Piece sans titre [Untitled piece]
  • Piece sans titre [(Second) untitled piece]
  • La Villeroy
  • L'Orageuse [The Stormy One]
  • La Zaide












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