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Concerto D-major KV 412 / 514 ( 386b ) Horn-Orchestra - Mozart W.A.

Solo Part[D/F] with CD
Mozart Concerto D-major KV 412 / 514 ( 386b ) Horn-Orchestra (Solo Part[D/F] with CD) (Dowani)
153747, 632977080046
Groothandel NL
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791
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Horn with Cd or Audio
Dowani Horn
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Concerto D-major KV 412 / 514 ( 386b ) Horn-Orchestra - Mozart W.A.

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DOWANI 3 Tempi Play Along is an effective and time-tested method of practicing that offers more than conventional play-long editions. DOWANI 3 Tempi Play Along enables you to learn a work systematically and with accompaniment at different tempi.The first thing you hear on the CD is the concert version in a first-class recording with solo instrument and orchestral, continuo, or piano accompaniment. Then the piano or harpsichord accompaniment follows in slow and medium tempo for practice purposes, with the solo instrument heard softly in the background at slow tempo. Finally, you can play at the original tempo to the accompaniment of an orchestra, piano, or basso continuo.Allversions appearing on the CD were recorded live by renowned soloists, accompanists, and orchestras. There are no synthesised sounds in a DOWANI edition! 1 Allegro Allegro

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