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Drumset Essentials Vol.1 - Erskine P.

Alfred Publ.Co Inc.
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Peter Erskine 1954
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Percussion (+ Instruments)
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Drumset Essentials Vol.1 - Erskine P.

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Product description

With Drumset Essentials, Peter Erskine takes you step by step from the very beginning, with the most fundamental concepts about technique and musicality discussed and illustrated in detail. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished drummer, Peter's basic rules are sure to improve your skills. The exercises in this first volume of three concentrate on essential hand and feet techniques, coordination of the hands and feet, and the most elementary beats with variations. Two basic styles are addressed in this book: straight eighth-note beats and swing or triplet-based beats. The available CD contains examples of many of the written exercises for listening, as well as original Peter Erskine tracks both with and without drums for play-along use. Future volumes will cover more complicated stickings, beats and rhythmic variations, and will include ideas for fills and solos. All three volumes are designed to provide the reader with basic musical facts while exploring some of the many possibilities that await in the world of rhythm. All of the material is presented in a nurturing and positive manner, and Peter's unique musical and teaching sensibilities are evident on every page.

Zoek door nummers:

  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgements
  • About the CD, Listening Tracks
  • Preface
  • About the Autors
  • 1. The Drumset
  • - Basic Parts of a Drumset
  • 2. The Hands
  • - Holding and Using the Drumsticks
  • - Right-Hand Grip and Left-Hand Grip
  • 3. Mechanics
  • - The Basic Strokes
  • - Rebound
  • 4. How to Practice
  • 5. Elements of Music
  • - First Playing Exercise
  • 6. The Rudiments
  • - Rhythmic Styles
  • - Swing Eight Notes
  • - Straight Eight Notes
  • 7. The Feet
  • - Arranging the Drumset
  • - The Snare Drum
  • - The Bass Drum
  • - Heel Up? or Heel Down?
  • - Rebound? or No Rebound?
  • - What's a Proper Amount of Leg Movement?
  • - The Hi-Hat
  • - Opening and Closing the Hi-Hat
  • 8. Beats and Exercises
  • - The Job of the Drummer in Music
  • - Basic Coordination Skills and the Drumset
  • - Getting the Best Tone out of Your Drums/Cymballs
  • - Coordination
  • - Simple Beats
  • - Eight-Note Beats
  • - Sixteenth-Note Beats
  • - Beats on the Ride Cymbal
  • - Swing Eight Beats
  • 9. Play-Along Examples
  • - Drum Chart for ' Journey to the Center of the
  • Blues'
  • 10. Appendix
  • - Tuning
  • - The Bass Drum
  • - Tom Toms
  • - Two Methods for Tensioning a Drumhead
  • - The Cross-Tension System
  • - The Clockwise System of Tensioning
  • - The Relationship of the Top Head to the Bottom
  • Head
  • - The Snare Drum
  • - Drumhead Selection
  • - Snares
  • - Drumsticks
  • - Cymbals
  • - Suggestion for Listening

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