Flute Duets for Beginners Vol. 2 - Album

edited by László Csupor


Flute Duets for Beginners Vol. 2 (edited by László Csupor) Flute Duets for Beginners Vol. 2 (edited by László Csupor)
Flute Duets for Beginners Vol. 2 (edited by László Csupor)





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The collection of flute duos covers all instrumental eras of the history of music starting from Jacopo da Bologna to Tchaikovsky. To make the volume more comprehensive, the editor added the arrangement for two flutes of some popular operatic and instrumental melodies such as the paraphrases of 'Don Giovanni' and 'Carmen' and the arrangement of the nocturn from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Well-known and unknown melodies, fugues, dance and character pieces provide possibilities for pleasant and high-level common music making. 44 pages.


  • 1. Bologna, J. da: Ballata
  • 2. Dietrich, Sixtus: Duo
  • 3. Lasso, Orlando di: Bicinium
  • 4. Morley, Thomas: Duo
  • 5. Praetorius, Michael: Duo
  • 6. Ismeretlen szerző: Musette
  • 7. Zipoli, Domenico: Pastorale
  • 8. Pachelbel, Johann: Fuga
  • 9. Händel, Georg Friedrich: Fuga
  • 10. Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista: Siciliana
  • 11. Pleyel, Ignaz: Andantino & Rondo
  • 12. Pleyel, Ignaz: Rondo
  • 13. Call, L. von: Duo in A major
  • 14. Call, L. von: Andantino
  • 15. Duvernoy, F.: Minuet
  • 16. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Allegretto
  • 17. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Three Duos after the Opera Don Giovanni
  • 18. Beethoven, Ludwig van: Minuet
  • 19. Bizet, Georges: Little Fantasia after the Opera Carmen
  • 20. Flotow, Friedrich von: Little Fantasia after the Opera Martha
  • 21. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix: Notturno
  • 22. Schumann, Robert: Three Duos: The First Loss; Humming Tune; Wild Rider
  • 23. Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich: March of the Wooden Soldiers; Old French Air; German Air; Italian Air











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