Frohliche Tanze nach alten Weisen - Emonts F.

Traditional Festive Dances
Frohliche Tanze nach alten Weisen
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Fritz Emonts 1920-2003
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Piano 4 Hands
Easy piano Piano Schott Vierhandig/Quatre Mains/Piano Duet
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Frohliche Tanze nach alten Weisen - Emonts F.

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The 'Festive Dances' are intended as a continuation of the book 'Let's Play Duets'. Progress continues without exceeding the range of the lower grades. The lively melodies of the seventeenth-century European dance-forms offered the author a treasure trove of material from which to create these duets. The parts are written in such a way as to avoid the dissatisfaction that the pupil generally feels when practising either the primo or secondo part in isolation. Both parts are of the same difficulty and the pupil may play either the upper or lower part.

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