Get more out of your Violin Playing - Daniel Otten

Classical Violin Technique


Get more out of your Violin Playing Get more out of your Violin Playing Get more out of your Violin Playing
Get more out of your Violin Playing





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Otten Get more out of your Violin Playing

This work-book is designed to make violin technique easier to grasp and to diminish its complexity. The use of this material can benefit skills such as co-ordination-speed- musical ear and facility of movement in an effective and efficient manner. Technical difficulties in certain musical passages can now be isolated.

There are three major aspects:
-Scale forms according to H.Leonard (1819-1890)
-The circle of fifths

Most of the exercises cover all keys and positions. The can easily be memorized, thereby improving concentration.

There are three important movements for left hand technique:
-The placing of the fingers,
-in the same position back and forth form the G to the E-string,
-via the positions ascending and descending on one or two strings.

Obviously combinations of the above are possible. Double-stops should be practised as presented in broken form during a longer period of time simultaneously with normal chords.

Bowing technique is mainly practised using tetrachords and sequences.

Eighteen bowing patterns are presented; the can later be combined with left hand technique for further use in selected studies.

This book offers a comprehensive and logical approach without pretending to be complete.










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