International Rhythmic Collection Vol.1 for all Harps - Alfredo Rolando Ortiz

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Ortiz International Rhythmic Collection Vol.1 for all Harps
Ortiz International Rhythmic Collection Vol.1 for all Harps
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These books by Alfredo Rolando Ortiz introduce various rhythmic styles from North and South America and Europe in a very "user friendly" manner. He includes well-known tunes as "Famous Traveling Melodies," showing how they would sound in various styles and rhythms. The pieces range from elementary to advanced level, with some fingerings. These books can be as simple or challenging as you wish. 64 pages, paperbound. Volume 1 includes over 20 melodies, such as the Mexican birthday song, La Cucaracha, and others written by Alfredo. Pieces are in the key of C, 1 flat or 1 sharp.


  • 1. London Bridge
  • 2. Yankee Doodle
  • 3. Ode to Joy
  • 4. La cucaracha (The Cockroach)
  • 5. Arroz con leche (Rice with Milk)
  • 6. Canto del pilon (Pounding Mortar Song)
  • 7. Duermete mi nino (Go to Sleep my Child)
  • 8. Las mananitas (Mexican Birthday Song)
  • 9. Zamba para un dia de lluvia (Zamba for a Rainy
  • Day)
  • 10. Waiting (Esperando)
  • 11. El cha-cha-cha del arpa (The Harp Cha-cha-cha)
  • 12. Habanera rose
  • 13. Habanera gris (Grey Habanera)
  • 14. Cumbia deliciosa (Delicious Cumbia)
  • 15. Mulher Rendeira (Woman Weaver)
  • 16. Danza de Luzma (Luzma's Dance)
  • 17. Paisaje (Landscape)
  • 18. Noche de fiesta (Party Night)
  • 19. Llano (Plains)
  • 20. Un vals para sonar (A Waltz for Dreaming)
  • 21. El Pajaro Campana (The Bell Bird)
  • 22. Nuestros suenos (Our Dreams)
  • 23. Merengue rojo (Red Merengue)









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