Mass of the Children (Alto) - John Rutter

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Mass of the Children (Alto) Mass of the Children (Alto)
Mass of the Children (Alto)



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Single Parts

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Product description

What is SingleParts ? SingleParts is the ultimate 'woodshedding' tool. Our objective is to help singers in a chorus learn their notes, rhythms and words outside of rehearsal, on their own, so that the conductor can spend rehearsal time fine tuning and polishing for performance. On each SingleParts CD you hear the professional 'teaching singer' sing your part clearly and as perfectly as possible with a background underlay of a licensed performance recording with full orchestra, chorus and soloists. After all the choral portions we add StudySpots for these difficult sections fugues, fast tempo- passages and/or those with especially challenging note intervals or rhythms, sections are slowed between 15% and 50% to help you easily learn the parts more quickly. The slowed tracks are immediately followed by the same passage back at performance tempo to allow switching back and forth until you can easily sing the passage at the proper tempo. The CD's jewel box includes an important printed two or three page insert, the User Guide for that CD. This guide lists all the tracks and cites the chorus movement on each track, including the page numbers and measure numbers, if appropriate, for the scores most often used for the work. Why do singers need SingleParts ? Most singers do not learn all their notes and rhythms in rehearsal. The Sopranos, Altos and Tenors have to sit and wait while the conductor works with the Basses who are having trouble with a passage and so it goes. Then the whole chorus has to sing through a fast fugue at a slow temporepetilly until they can attempt it at the proper tempo. In addition, many choruses have difficulty at the dress rehearsal when suddenly they hear the orchestra instead of the rehearsal piano and must share the conductor's attention now split between the orchestra and chorus. This is why SingleParts use a full performance recording as underlay on our learning CDs.


  • performance Tracks
  • Kyrie
  • Gloria
  • Sanctus And Benedictus
  • Agnus Dei
  • Finale
  • Sanctus (Alto 1)
  • Sanctus (Alto 2)
  • chorus Studyspots








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Single Parts


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