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More String Time Joggers Cello book - Blackwell K. + D.

Blackwell More String Time Joggers Cello book
911530, 9780193518285
Oxford University Press
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More String Time Joggers Cello book - Blackwell K. + D.

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Product description

More String Time Joggers is a welcome addition to the ensemble repertoire for beginner strings from the authors of the award-winning Fiddle Time series. This exciting collection provides enjoyable and inventive ensemble material for all string groups, whatever their size. 17 fun and characterful ensemble pieces, arranged in suites for concert performance Flexible scoring for violin, viola, cello, and double bass with piano or CD accompaniment - from duets in any combination to large ensembles The level corresponds to the Joggers books for violin, viola, and cello - part 1 uses all fingers in the pattern 0-1-23-4 for violin and viola, and 0-1-34 for cello; part 2 is slightly easier, using mostly open strings and first fingers Teacher's book with score, including piano part, notes on the pieces, and a CD with performances and backing tracks for all pieces Pupil books for violin, viola, cello, and double bass with lively illustrations MP3s and additional material available to download from a Companion Website

Zoek door nummers:

  • Space Suite
  • 1. March of the astronauts
  • 2. Lost in space
  • 3. Return to Earth
  • Travel Suite
  • 1. Riding my bike!
  • 2. Sailing home
  • 3. We're all going on an aeroplane!
  • Globe-trotting Suite
  • 1. Japanese celebration (Mura matsuri)
  • 2. African song (Mweya m'tsvene)
  • 3. American adventure
  • Theme Park Suite
  • 1. Ghost train
  • 2. Big Wheel waltz
  • 3. Rock 'n' rollercoaster
  • Extras
  • Ev'ry time
  • Slovenian folk song
  • Rounds
  • 1. Carnival time
  • 2. Lotus flower
  • 3. Chase!

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