Piano in Concert (Romantic Meditation) - Schmitz M.

Piano in Concert (Romantic Meditation)
17 Concert Pieces Intermediate-Advanced
4018262102987, 9790700185442
Groothandel Duitsland
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Manfred Schmitz 1939-2014
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Piano in Concert (Romantic Meditation) - Schmitz M.

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Product description

The 17 compositions included in PIANO IN CONCERT û ROMANTIC MEDITATION represent a splendid opportunity for those pianists who, well beyond those 'easy' and 'very easy' pieces, want to conquer the beautiful key of D Flat Major. This edition contains a selection of repertoire that can be used for concerts, competitions, instruction and auditions of any kind and through its pianistically effective and diverse tonal offerings, it represents an elevated musical experience for both solist and audience alike.

Zoek door nummers:

  • 1. Romance
  • 2. Rainbow Fantasy
  • 3. Romantic Concertino
  • 3A. Romantic Concertino (Transposed Version)
  • 4. Impromptu
  • 5. Nocturne
  • 5A. Nocturne (Transposed Version)
  • 6. Elegiac Romance
  • 6A. Elegiac Romance (Transposed Version)
  • 7. Short Episode
  • 8. Faded Dream
  • 9. Memory Song
  • 9A. Memory Song (Transposed Version)
  • 10. Children's Song
  • 10A. Children's Song (Transposed Version)
  • 11. Habanera
  • 12. Serenade for TWO
  • 12A. Serenade for TWO (Transposed Version)
  • 13. Romantic Picture
  • 13A. Romantic Picture (Transposed Version)
  • 14. Poetic Intermezzo
  • 14A. Poetic Intermezzo (Transposed Version)
  • 15. Romantic Meditation
  • 16. Blue Moon
  • 16A. Blue Moon (Transposed Version)
  • 17. Rhapsodic Reminiscence
  • 17A. Rhapsodic Reminiscence (Transposed Version)

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