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Scale Builder for Cello Level 1 - Orfilia Saiz Vega

Progressive System of Scales for the Cello


Vega Scale Builder for Cello Level 1 (Progressive System of Scales for the Cello)
Vega Scale Builder for Cello Level 1 (Progressive System of Scales for the Cello)





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Product description

Orfilia Saiz Vega Scale Builder for Cello Level 1

A progressive system of scales for Cello in four levels by Orfilia Saiz Vega

French and English Language Version
We all agree that scales are a basis for learning cello technique, which is why we include scales in our teaching. The trick of course, is how to integrate scales into the learning process so that at the moment the repertoire demands the technique, the fingers are able to respond. All too often scales are divorced from their musical environment or teachers are compelled to cut and paste from traditional scale books to try to match technique and learning.

Here, in this new series, Scale Builder - progressive system of scales for Cello, Orfilia Saiz Vega, over four levels, meticulously matches scale development to the appropriate level of technique. Through this, the patterns and rhythms expected of the student at their level of musical competence are precisely those practised. Moreover, the skilful integration of bowing and other techniques specific to the instrument mean that acquiring the scales across a whole range of technical devices means that when they appear in the music they are expected to play, teachers can concentrate on the musical elements safe in the knowledge that the technique is secure.











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