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Virgine sola al mundo (ms.VEcap 758cc.36v- 38r) - Anonymus

Virgine sola al mundo (ms.VEcap 758cc.36v- 38r)
edited by Bussolin-Zanus Fortes
Ut Orpheus
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Virgine sola al mundo (ms.VEcap 758cc.36v- 38r) - Anonymus

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The present edition of the motet Virgine sola al mundo for 4 voices is based on the version copied down in ms. Verona, Biblioteca Capitolare, cod. DCCLVIII (I-VEcap 758).1 This codex belongs to a collection of eight Renaissance music manuscripts owned by the Biblioteca Capitolare of the city of Verona, mainly related to the Verona area and used by the Scuola degli Accoliti, an institution connected to the Cathedral which probably used them during its activities.The said codices contain mainly sacred polyphonic compositions meant for the main sections of the Mass and Liturgy of the Hours, with some significant exceptions such as the work transcribed here, which constitutes the only example of a composition based on a non-liturgical text in the entire ms. 758. It is the third stanza of the celebrated Petrarchan canzone Vergine bella che di sol vestita, the last poem of the Canzoniere many times set to music by composers of various epochs, including Bartolomeo Tromboncino, Guillaume Du Fay, Vincenzo Ruffo and Pierluigi da Palestrina.A particular characteristic of the text copied down in ms. 758 is the presence of some variants of the original, probably due to the dialect inflexions connected to the local origin of the codex, reported in the table below. From the point of view of composition, the motet is basically homorhythmic enriched by some simple imitative episodes, which makes it close to the majority of other anonymous music copied down in the manuscript.

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