12 Duos 2 Violoncellos - Jiri Pauer

Pauer 12 Duos 2 Violoncellos
Pauer 12 Duos 2 Violoncellos Pauer 12 Duos 2 Violoncellos Pauer 12 Duos 2 Violoncellos
919193, 9790260108844
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Jiri Pauer 1919-2007
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2 Cello's
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12 Duos 2 Violoncellos - Jiri Pauer

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The “Twelve Duets for two Violoncellos” by renowned Czech composer Jirí Pauer (1919–2007) captivate with their harmonic and timbral combinations and their dramatic expression.

These moderately difficult pieces are ideal for recitals and can be performed by two students or a student and teacher. They familiarise players with playing techniques such as sul ponticello, sul tasto, pizzicato, tremolo and staccato.

Our edition is based on the autograph score with added recommendations for fingering and bowing.

Composed in 1969, this collection which has a duration of 15 minutes is dedicated to the cellist Antonín Kohout, the founder of the famous Smetana Quartet, and his daughter Máša.

- 12 recital pieces of moderate difficulty
- Presents various playing techniques on the violoncello
- Fingering, bowing and Foreword (Cz/Eng/Ger) by the editor

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