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13 Nocturnes Piano - Gabriel Faure

Urtext edition edited by Roy Howat
13 Nocturnes Piano
13 Nocturnes Piano 13 Nocturnes Piano 13 Nocturnes Piano 13 Nocturnes Piano
184132, 9790577085807
Peters Verlag
Meer van deze uitgever
Gabriel Faure 1845-1924
Meer van deze componist
Piano Solo
Klassiek Peters Piano
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13 Nocturnes Piano - Gabriel Faure

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A new edition of Fauré's Thirteen Nocturnes has long been needed, to clean up literally hundreds of old misprints and dubieties. Indeed, towards the end of his life Fauré prepared a corrected edition of his first eight Nocturnes, but this went so badly wrong that he tried, just before he died, to block its publication.

Undeterred, the publisher concerned (Hamelle) issued it in that state in 1924, and that's what's been available since - cluttered since the 1950s by editorial fingering. The new London Peters edition (which replaces the Leipzig one) has compared all known manuscripts and prints from Fauré's lifetime, along with some piano rolls recorded by Fauré and memoirs and scores marked up by pianists who worked with him.

A few of Fauré's own printed copies survive, showing numerous written corrections by him that never made it into the 1924 re-edition and which are now printed for the first time. The preface includes some performing advice that can be traced back to Fauré; it bears out his wish to have his music played in time and up to his dynamics, without sentimental rallentandi or soggy rubato.

Zoek door nummers:

  • Nocturne Nr. 1 es-Moll op. 33; 1
  • Nocturne Nr. 2 H-Dur op. 33; 2
  • Nocturne Nr. 3 As-Dur op. 33; 3
  • Nocturne Nr. 4 Es-Dur op. 36
  • Nocturne Nr. 5 B-Dur op. 37
  • Nocturne Nr. 6 Des-Dur op. 63
  • Nocturne Nr. 7 op. 74
  • Nocturne Nr. 8 Des-Dur op. 84; 8
  • Nocturne Nr. 9 h-Moll op. 97
  • Nocturne Nr. 10 e-Moll op. 99
  • Nocturne Nr. 11 fis-Moll op. 104; 1
  • Nocturne Nr. 12 e-Moll op. 107
  • Nocturne Nr. 13 h-Moll op. 119

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