2 Rondos Op.68 Piano and Guitar - Mauro Giuliani

edited by Fabio Rizza
2 Rondos Op.68 Piano and Guitar
2 Rondos Op.68 Piano and Guitar 2 Rondos Op.68 Piano and Guitar
Ut Orpheus
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Mauro Giuliani 1781-1829
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2 Rondos Op.68 Piano and Guitar - Mauro Giuliani

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In the sizeable repertoire of 19th-century music for guitar and piano, two particularly splendid examples are the Due rondo op. 68 by Mauro Giuliani (Bisceglie 1781 - Naples 1829). In addition to the beauty and originality of the two pieces, the instrumental parts are truly concertanti and of equal importance, even in the accompanying parts, which moreover are never dull or predictable. As Eugenio Becherucci writes, an explanation may lie in the musician's [Mauro Giuliani's] awareness that he was dealing with two polyphonic instruments, and this saved him from falling into the trap of an all-too-easy melody with accompaniment, which was so common at the time in duets as in other works. Our version is based on the first edition of the work, published towards the end of 1818 in Vienna with the following title: 2 | RONDO | für | Piano-Forte und Guitare | von | MAURO GIULIANI. | 68tes Werk. | Wien | bei S.A. Steiner und Comp. No fingering was given for the guitar part in the original, and all fingering marked here has been added. Fabio Rizza

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