20 Short Pieces - Erik Satie

Sports et Divertissements
20 Short Pieces
20 Short Pieces 20 Short Pieces 20 Short Pieces
028771, 9780486243658
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Erik Satie 1866-1925
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Dover Klassiek Piano
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20 Short Pieces - Erik Satie

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Composer Erik Satie (1866–1925) exercised a profound effect on twentieth-century music. His innovative harmonies, freedom of form, and mastery of musical understatement influenced a diverse company of modern masters, ranging from Debussy and Ravel to Milhaud, Poulenc, and Cage. This is a facsimile of an extremely rare collection of the French master's brilliant thumbnail sketches — both musical and verbal — of various outdoor sports and amusements. Satie created these pieces to accompany an album of charming, sophisticated drawings by Charles Martin, a well-known illustrator of the day. The composer also added droll verbal commentaries and inscribed both words and music in an exquisite calligraphic hand. Published in the 1920s in a limited edition, the album is very scarce today. This modestly priced edition of a rare treasure features black-and-white illustrations and English translations of Satie's eccentric verbal notations. Reprint of Sports et Divertissements, Publications Lucien Vogel, Paris, ca. 1925.

Zoek door nummers:

  • 1. La Balançoire (The Swing)
  • 2. La Chasse (Hunting)
  • 3. La Comédie italienne (Italian Comedy)
  • 4. Le Reveil de la Mariée (The Awakening of the Bride)
  • 5. Colin-Maillard (Blindman's Buff)
  • 6. La Pêche (Fishing)
  • 7. Le Yachting (Yachting)
  • 8. Le Bain de mer (Ocean Bathing)
  • 9. Le Carnaval (Carnival)
  • 10. Le Golf (Golf)
  • 11. La Pieuvre (The Octopus)
  • 12. Les Courses (Racing)
  • 13. Les Quatre-coins (Puss in the Corner)
  • 14. Le Pique-nique (The Picnic)
  • 15. Le Water-chute (Shoot-the-Chutes)
  • 16. Le Tango (perpétuel) (The [Perpetual] Tango)
  • 17. Le Traîneau (The Sled)
  • 18. Le Flirt (Flirting)
  • 19. Le Feu d'Artifice (Fireworks)
  • 20. Le Tennis (Tennis)

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