6 leichte Duos Op.145 - Guiseppe Gariboldi

edited by Bernhard Pauler
6 leichte Duos Op.145
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Guiseppe Gariboldi 1833-1905
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6 leichte Duos Op.145 - Guiseppe Gariboldi

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Giuseppe Gariboldi was born in Macerata on 17th March 1833. After studying with the flutist Giuseppe D'Aloe, the young Gariboldi, for political reasons, moved to Paris, where he found a patron in Gioacchino Rossini. He spent most of his life there, active as singing teacher, flute virtuoso and composer. In Paris he met such eminent flutists as Dorus (1812-1896), Altès (1826-1899) and Taffanel (1844-1908). In these lofty musical circles, Gariboldi made his mark as flutist, conductor and teacher. Following the assassination attempt on Napoleon III in 1859, he had to leave France for three years. During this time he performed and taught in Belgium and Holland. After returning to France, he was given a professorship for composition and flute at the Paris Collège Rollin in 1871. With his wife, the flutist Elmira Thomas, he spent his last years in Italy. Gariboldi died on 12th April 1905 in Castelraimondo. Alongside his activities as teacher and solo performer he wrote over 400 works for his instrument. This includes studies and solos as well as pieces for flute and piano, duets and a Méthode complète de Flûte op.128, which the fingering charts reveal was designed for both the old flute and the Boehm flute. Gariboldi's studies such as the Etudes mignonnes op. 131, the 20 Petites Etudes op. 132, the Grandes Etudes de Style op. 143 as well as the Exercices journaliers, op.89 are still frequently used. Gariboldi also composed many songs, three operettas and opera paraphrases, now mostly forgotten. If we compare Gariboldi's works to studies by his contemporaries such as Henri Altès or Vincenzo Michelis (1825-1891), we notice how straightforward the melodies and harmonies of his solos are. This could explain why his etudes continue to be used in teaching. His present Duos are a fine example of how to write a sprightly and melodious dialogue using modest technical means. We have made a textually accurate practical score of the work from the undated first print of the parts from ca. 1877. The title of the original print reads: 'SIX / Duos faciles / P O U R / D E U X F L █ T E S / PAR / G. G A R I B O L D I / OP: 145 / PARIS / ALPHONSE LEDUC / A.L. 5966 [Pl.-No.]'


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