8 kleine dreistimmge Stücke 3 Blockfl. (SAB/STB) - Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach 8 kleine dreistimmge Stücke 3 Blockfl. (SAB/STB)
803452070962, 905014, 9783702473853, 9790008087141
Universal Edition
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Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750
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3 Blokfluiten (Gemengd)
Klassiek Universal Edition
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8 kleine dreistimmge Stücke 3 Blockfl. (SAB/STB) - Johann Sebastian Bach

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Johann Sebastian Bach wrote the present short, three-voice pieces for cembalo. Minuet BWV 929 comes from the collection entitled Small Preludes and Fughettas and was probably written as teaching material. The Minuet and the Polonaise from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach are examples of the Bach family's domestic music. Gavotte II (ou la Musette) and Gavottes I and II come from the English Suites, while a further gavotte was sourced from the French Suite No. 5. The Recorder Trio à la Carte series presents attractive pieces for recorder trio that cover a wide stylistic spectrum encompassing arrangements and original compositions from the classical and entertainment repertoire. It also combines the instruments of the recorder family in various ways. Recorder Trio à la carte opens up new paths that feature high quality, professional-standard recorder literature which motivates young players, sounds good and appeals to listeners. • Spirited dances by J. S. Bach in stylish arrangements for an enjoyable venture into the world of Baroque music • Suitable for students of all ages at intermediate-level and beyond

Zoek door nummers:

  • 1. Menuett BWV 929
  • 2. Menuett aus Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach
  • 3. Polonaise aus Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach
  • 4. Gavotte II ou la Musette aus Englische Suite III BWV 808
  • 5. Gavotte I aus Englische Suite VI BWV 811
  • 6. Gavotte II aus Englische Suite VI BWV 811
  • 7. Gavotte aus Französische Suite V BWV 816
  • 8. Gavotte aus Französische Suite VI BWV 817

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