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Bresil flute-guitare - Alain Verite

easy to interm.
Bresil flute-guitare
grade 4 - 5
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Alain Verite
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Bresil flute-guitare - Alain Verite

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If someone invited you to take a trip, and on top of that it was to discover Brazil, would you refuse?

This is exactly what Alain Vérité invites us to do, on the journey through his carefully written pieces for flute and guitar. They allow students, who are beginning to study one of these instruments, to discover aspects of the splendidly rich music of Brazil that are often hidden, and this shared pleasure can only encourage them as their enthusiasm grows.

Thank you, Alain, for offering them (and us) this musical gift.

Yannick Le Goff

Brazilian music is a world unto itself, rich, welcoming, and diverse.

The pieces in this album, with their varied rhythms, are classified as 'Choros', characterised by their very singing, swinging and... 'sunny style.'

As performed equally well by Villa-Lobos or Jobim, N. Freire or Caetano Veloso, this music, due to the mixing of "European" harmonies and melodic lines with 'Creole' rhythmic patterns, is situated at the crossroads between "classical" and numerous 'modern' styles of music found in Brazil as well as in Cabo Verde or in the Caribbean.

Here are some lively syncopated Chorinhos ('litle choros'), relaxed Rumbas, and dreamy melodic Romanza and Valsinha ('little waltz').

The combination of flute and guitar, frequently used in choros since they first appeared (late 19th century, in Rio) and continuing on today, was too rarely published, and then almost always for more advanced levels (such as those by the excellent and modern Celso Machado). ln any case, this pairing is particularly suitable to the spirit of the music, and a good way to discover it, with the added benefit of 'sharing the pleasure', is by playing it in duet.This is precisely the author's hope and desire.

Alain Verite

Zoek door nummers:

  • 1. Solarium
  • 2. Choromanza
  • 3. Cristoval
  • 4. Docura
  • 5. Renascer
  • 6. Abraco no Herve
  • 7. En Dodelinant
  • 8. Cancao pra Elizete

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