Concerto RV 817 Violin-Strings-Bc Full Score - Antonio Vivaldi

edited by F.M. Sardelli
Vivaldi Concerto RV 817 Violin-Strings-Bc Full Score (edited by F.M. Sardelli) (Critical Edition)
Critical Edition
911404, 9788875929664, 9790041914275
Meer van deze uitgever
Antonio Vivaldi 1678-1741
Meer van deze componist
Viool/Violen met Orkest
Partituur/Fullscore Ricordi Viool
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Concerto RV 817 Violin-Strings-Bc Full Score - Antonio Vivaldi

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Among the many new works by Vivaldi discovered in recent years are not merely works completely unknown previously, but also ones that had already been noticed but for a variety of reasons were set aside. This is the case with the violin concerto RV 817, which has come down to us via a copy lacking the name of its composer. A reexamination of it in the light of the system of “musical concordances” - the great schema of Vivaldi’s reuse of thematic material - has permitted its attribution to him without any further doubts and its recognition as one of the virtuosic concertos of his full maturity. Intended for his pupil and advocate Georg Pisendel, the concerto reflects a predilection for double stopping and the exploration of the ultra-high register common to the works written for him. With this twenty-second violin concerto in A major, another precious piece is added to the mosaic of the Vivaldi catalogue. 64 pages.

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