Das Tägliche Pensum - Hans Ulrich Staeps

The Daily Lesson
Staeps Das Tägliche Pensum (The Daily Lesson) Altblockflöte
Übungen für fortschreitender Spieler der Altblockflöte in F
038732, 803452070573, 9783702473457, 9790008086755
Universal Edition
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Hans Ulrich Staeps 1909-1988
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Altblokfluit Solo
Altblokfluit Etuden Universal Edition
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Das Tägliche Pensum - Hans Ulrich Staeps

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These exercises (for advancing players) are written to improve finger, articulation and breathing technique as well as to increase in speed. They can be used on treble recorders with either German or English fingerings. As daily exercises, when mastered completely, they should be played through in 40 minutes all together. At each stage compare the time taken with the figure in seconds given at the end of each exercise, and aim at the performance of the complete book within the prescribed time. Of course, any part of it may be used as practice material and in your own time. If nothing else is mentioned, play both legato as well as staccato. The player will notice that each exercise has its own individual structure, melodically, rhythmically or harmonically; he/she is advised to trace and consider these musical features. The mastering of the instrument is reached only when the printed music is formally and harmonically completely absorbed and freely expressed while playing. The composition and the order of the exercises are based on the author's long experience as a teacher. They aim at the extension of daily practice throughout the so long neglected complete chromatic compass of the recorder in order to comply with the demands of modern music.

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