Drumset Essentials Vol.2 - Peter Erskine

Drumset Essentials Vol.2
Alfred Publ.Co Inc.
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Peter Erskine 1954
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Drumset Essentials Vol.2 - Peter Erskine

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In Drumset Essentials, Volume 2, Peter Erskine continues to take the student step-by-step from fundamental drumming techniques to progressive concepts of musicality and performance, all discussed and illustrated in detail. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished drummer, Peter's basic rules and sophisticated notions are sure to improve your skills. The exercises in this second volume of three concentrate on advanced coordination of the hands and feet, more highly developed beats and rhythmic comping styles, and the challenges associated with playing slow and fast tempos. Fills and solos are examined and discussed in detail, as well as brush-playing techniques and styles. Large ensemble (big band) and small group playing is examined, with in-depth instruction regarding the reading and interpretation of drum charts. In this volume, Peter also analyzes the playing styles of several historically important drummers. The accompanying CD contains exciting big band performances in addition to original Erskine Trio tracks, both with and without drums for play-along use. All three volumes are designed to provide the reader with basic musical facts while exploring same of the many possibilities that await in the world rhythm. All of the material is presented in a nurturing and positive manner, and Peter's uniqu musical and teaching sensibilities are evident on every page.

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  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgements
  • 12 Things to Remember
  • Notation Legend
  • 1. Tempos and Subdivisions
  • - Slow Tempos
  • - Faster Tempos and the Swing Feel
  • 2. Fills
  • - Playing Fills in Context
  • - Fill Examples
  • 3. Comping
  • - Comping Vocabularies
  • - Comping Exercises
  • - Hi-Hat Variations
  • - Hemiola Exercises
  • - Interdependence
  • - Elvin-isms
  • - 'Matrix'
  • - Comping in the Rock/Pop/Funk Context
  • - 'Heart of the Matter' (listen-only track)
  • - 'The Way I Feel' (listen-only track)
  • 4. Solos
  • - Dynamics
  • - 'Sing, Sing, Sing'
  • - Soloing Techniques
  • - 'Daddy, What Is God's Last Name?'
  • - 'Boogie Shuttle Stop'
  • - More Solo Exercises
  • 5. Ensemble Playing
  • - Small Group
  • - Large Group
  • 6. Reading
  • - 'Rhythm Method'
  • - 'Waltz of the Flowers'
  • - Simple Charts
  • - Complex Charts
  • 7. Brushes
  • - Texture: Legato vs. Staccato
  • - Brush Movement Patterns
  • - Brush Articulation Exercises
  • 8. Drumset Essentials, Volume 2 CD:
  • - Play-along Examples
  • - 'Badlands'
  • About the Recordings

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