Enjoy the Recorder Vol.1 Student's Book Treble Recorder - Brian Bonsor

A comprehensive method for group, individual and self tuition
Bonsor Enjoy the Recorder Vol.1 Treble Recorder
031219, 9781847611772, 9790220110580
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Brian Bonsor 1926-2011
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Enjoy the Recorder Vol.1 Student's Book Treble Recorder - Brian Bonsor

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The best way to learn any instrument is to have lessons from a good, experienced teacher. Although, happily, the number of such teachers is constantly growing, the recorder is still frequently taught by enthusiastic but inexperienced teachers and many players start by teaching themselves. This series of books sets out to help learners of all ages in all three situations. Experienced teachers, who may choose to disregard much of the text as personal demonstration is always clearer than the written word, will find exercises and fine tunes a-plenty to support their own method at each stage. The less experienced willbenefit from many valuable teaching hints culled from long experience and may rely on the books to lead to a sound playing technique and a mastery of simple notation. Those learning by themseves - and I started in this way - are urged to work carefully and systematically through the books, taking plenty of time to assimilate each point before moving on. For them, without the personal model provided by a live teacher, it is vitally important to listen as often as possible to fine players, in person or on record, so that they have in their mind's ear a clear notion of the kind of sound they would like to produce. But however they start, I can only wish that all who use these books will derive as much pleasure and musical satisfaction and gain as many lasting and valued friendships as I have through this most subtle, delightful and sociable of instruments. (Brian Bonsor) 102 pages.

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