Intégrale des œuvres pour piano Volume 3 - Erik Satie

edited by Robert Orledge
Satie Intégrale des œuvres pour piano Volume 3
Satie Intégrale des œuvres pour piano Volume 3 Satie Intégrale des œuvres pour piano Volume 3
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Salabert Edition
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Erik Satie 1866-1925
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Piano Solo
Piano Salabert
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Intégrale des œuvres pour piano Volume 3 - Erik Satie

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This new, completely revised and reset centenary edition of Satie’s complete piano music in three volumes has returned to Satie’s manuscripts and first editions to give pianists completely accurate and reliable texts to play from. As well as presenting every piece for piano solo or piano reduction that Satie published, this edition also includes some previously unknown pieces, like the Petite Sonate that he wrote for Vincent d’Indy at the Schola Cantorum, as well as some interesting first versions of well-known pieces, like San Bernardo, a trial version of Españaña (1913) and the markedly different first version of Les Pantins dansent (1914). In addition, there are examples of the different types of exercises that Satie completed at the Schola between 1905 and 1912, some extra trial Enfantines, and some earlier drafts of his famous Sports et divertissements. To help pianists, suggested metronome marks have been added throughout, and there are also some performance suggestions for the Rose+Croix pieces of the 1890s, which otherwise appear to be all quiet and slow. The notation has been made as user-friendly as possible, without detracting from Satie’s concerns about the “extériorisation” of his musical thought in print. Foreword in french/english/german. 146 pages. Intermediate to advanced level.

Zoek door nummers:

  • Sonatine bureaucratique
  • Rag-time parade
  • Trois Nocturnes
  • 4e Nocturne
  • 5e Nocturne
  • 6e Nocturne
  • Rêverie [de l’enfance de Pantagruel]
  • Premier Menuet
  • La Belle Excentrique
  • Mercure
  • Relâche
  • Cinéma
  • 1er Quatuor
  • 2e Quatuor
  • [Exercice]
  • Chorale : Nun ruhen alle Wälder
  • [Exercice canonique]
  • [Pièce sans titre]
  • Harmonies délectables
  • [Exercice harmonique]
  • [Esquisse bitonale]

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