Lecons de Piano Piano Lessons Vol.1 Methode Pour Debutants - Quoniam Nemirovski


Quoniam Lecons de Piano 1 (Methode Pour Debutants) Quoniam Lecons de Piano 1 (Methode Pour Debutants) Quoniam Lecons de Piano 1 (Methode Pour Debutants) Quoniam Lecons de Piano 1 (Methode Pour Debutants)
Quoniam Lecons de Piano 1 (Methode Pour Debutants)





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The aim of these two volumes of Piano Lessons is to provide young pianists with the fundamental groundwork required for learning how to play the piano. The authors have tried to maintain the same presentation, progression and clarity found in the precedent work, while continuing to develop the methodology and learning techniques presented in each lesson.

Sight reading: allows reading skills to be developed from the beginning, with the goal of avoiding the overly large discrepancy often noticed between the instrumental playing level and the actual skill of reading music. This heading also allows students to review the foundations acquired in the first volume.

Polyphony: intends to develop a feeling for polyphony when playing the piano, implying phrasing and listening to the various voices.

Technique: these exercises were developed in relation to the specific technical demands found in the etudes and repertoire of each lesson, and will help students to identify and resolve the difficulties they encounter.

Etudes: the etudes were chosen to meet clearly defined criteria regarding musical, technical and pedagogical interest.

Repertoire: the variety of composers selected allows students to confront different periods and different styles of piano repertoire during the first years. We hope that this will reinforce young pianists' curiosity, awareness and consequently their musical culture.

We hope that this album will contribute to a thorough approach to studying the piano, by favouring comprehension and thus the pleasure of the extremely beautiful language that is music.

The authors
Translation: Jacqueline Rose


  • AGLINTSOVA E. : Chanson russe
  • BARTOK B. : Etudes (2)
  • BEETHOVEN Lv : Danse allemande
  • DENNEE C. : Etudes (2)
  • DIABELLI A. : Sonatine
  • ENRIGHT P. : Penguins
  • GARSCIA J. : Little Frogs
  • GILLOCK W. : The swinging Sioux
  • GURLITT C. : Etude
  • HAINOFER : Etude
  • HUMBERT G. : Etude
  • KIRKBY-MASSON B. : Dans la forêt
  • KIRKBY-MASSON B. : White Rabbit
  • KODALY Z. : Etude
  • KOHLER C.L.H. : Etude
  • LEVIDOVA D. : Chanson triste
  • MARKIEWICZOWNA W. : Berceuse du nounours
  • MEUNIER G. : La danse de la poupée
  • MULLER A.E. : Etude
  • PRAETORIUS M. : Etude
  • QUAILE E. : Tony's March
  • QUONIAM B. : Le Chant des bergers
  • QUONIAM B. : Valse des papillons
  • QUONIAM B. : Valse du temps présent
  • SCHUBERT F. : Petite Sérénade
  • SELMER M. : Etude
  • SWINSTEAD F. : A Little Story











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