Metric Modulations (Contracting and Expanding Time within Form) Vol.2 - Hoenig Weidenmuller

for all instrumentalists
Metric Modulations (Contracting and Expanding Time within Form) Vol.2
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Hoenig Weidenmuller
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Metric Modulations (Contracting and Expanding Time within Form) Vol.2 - Hoenig Weidenmuller

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The follow-up to Intro to Polyrhtyhms, a method for learning advanced rhythm, polyrhythm, and metric/harmonic superimposition, looks at rhythm through a magnifying glass and enables the student to see, sing and hear various subdivisions and groupings of subdivisions. This book can be used by any and all instrumentalists. Metric Modulation will greatly improve the student's improvisational ability to create and respond to rhythmic musical dialogue.

The book is complete with general exercises for all instrumentalists as well as specific exercises for pianists, bassists and drummers. The included DVD demonstrates of all the material from the book, including improvised examples by Ari Hoenig and Johannes Weidenmueller in duo as well as trio with Aaron Goldberg. Transcriptions on how to harmonically navigate through polyrhythm inside standard jazz forms are included. The DVD musical examples can be watched, and played along to. Standard notation. 28 pages. Intermediate to advanced level.

Zoek door nummers:

  • Introduction
  • Explanation of Terms
  • Practice Tips
  • 7/4 Time
  • 5/4 Time
  • Eighth Note Groupings in 4/4
  • Triplet Groupings in 4/4
  • Other Modulations
  • Displacing the Harmonic Rhythm
  • Chord Progressions
  • Core Grooves
  • About the Authors

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