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Piano Works Vol.2 - Frederic Mompou

Urtext of Unpublished Works Collection
Piano Works Vol.2
Piano Works Vol.2 Piano Works Vol.2 Piano Works Vol.2 Piano Works Vol.2
MacMcClure and Jordi Maso
Piles Editorial de Musica S.A.
Meer van deze uitgever
Frederic Mompou 1893-1987
Meer van deze componist
Piano Solo
Klassiek Piano
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Piano Works Vol.2 - Frederic Mompou

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The works in this collection have been distributed in three volumes of pieces for piano solo, one of vocal music and another of chamber music. Frederic Mompou is, without a doubt, one of the most universal Catalan composers of the twentieth century. His work, mainly for piano, manages to extract magical tones from this instrument, forging a style that is uniquely his, while also. As the composer himself acknowledges, having its roots in the music of his country. As the miniaturist of sound that he was, Mompou took meticulous care when creating his pieces and was very demanding in terms of the end result. In fact, two years of unrelenting efforts passed between his first forays into composition, and the first piece he felt to be of an adequate standard. However, he did not always part with the material he discarded, often keeping it, whether to review at a later date or to mine for ideas for another piece. A large part of this material found a home at the Frederic Mompou Foundation, founded by the composer's widow, Carmen Bravo, while other material still ended up at the Biblioteca de Catalunya. Thanks to the efforts to promote this composer on the part of Joan Millà, current chairman of the Foundation, and the collaboration of pianists Mac McClure and Jordi Maso, who catalogued and recordered these previously unpublished works, it has been possible to bring to light a large number of Mompou's hereto unheard compositions.

Zoek door nummers:

  • 1. L'eco (1914)
  • 2. Les hores (1915)
  • 3. Festa trista (1915)
  • 4. Dues arabesques (1915/1916)
  • 5. Les amigues retornen del camp (1916)
  • 6. Serious Fox-trot (1916)
  • 7. Tango (1919)
  • 8. Ball pla
  • 9. Dues cançons (La de les campanes i La del pastor)
  • 10. Les fabriques prop de la platja (versio Péniblement)
  • 11. Sis variacions sobre un tema popular (Canco d'en Jaumet)

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