Quartet B-flat major Op.19 (Clar.in Bb) - Peter Hansel

Quartet B-flat major Op.19 (Clar.in Bb)
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Peter Hansel 1770-1831
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Klarinetkwartet (Klarinet met 3 Strijkers)
Amadeus Verlag Combinatie Klarinet
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Quartet B-flat major Op.19 (Clar.in Bb) - Peter Hansel

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Among late classical chamber music, the output of Peter Haensel is unique in both quality and quantity. Mozart would have loved the string quartets of Peter Hänsel, had he lived long enough to encounter them. He would surely have included them in his praise for Pleyel's quartets: 'It will be a fine and happy day for music when Pleyel [and Hänsel] eventually become capable of replacing Haydn.'ö From 1792,Peter Hänsel was for years a pupil of Haydn's. His exclusively chamber musical output is untouched by the spirit of the times. The 'finely cultured, humanistic, extremely modest artist ... and tasteful violin player' (Ignaz von Seyfried) wrote one quartet after another, 55 in all, as well as 4 string Quintets, 3 flute quartets, 6 string trios and a bunch of string duos. Founded on perfect part-writing and meticulous counterpoint, they sparkle with melodic inventiveness and a hint of virtuosity in the first violin. Once published by the major European publishers, this most noble and 'conservative' master is now being remembered with a few new editions. It is no surprise that his opus 19 is a thrilling showpiece for clarinet, brilliantly suited to the instrument. Straight off, he captured in four movements its broad range of expression. We offer the piece according to the first edition of the parts, published in Vienna in 1808. Its title reads: Quatuor / pour / Clarinette / Violon, Alto et Violoncelle / composé pour / Monsieur Thomas Nawratill / premier Clarinette de S. A. Madame la Princesse Isabella Lubomirska / par / PIERRE HAENSEL / No 1988 [Pl.-Nr.] / Oeuvre 19. / a Vienne chez Artaria et Comp. Peter Hänsel was born on 29th November 1770 in Leipa (Lipowa), in the Grottkau region of Upper Silesia. He received his musical training from his uncle in Warsaw. At 17, this highly gifted musician spent a year as a violinist in Prince Potemkin's orchestra in Petersburg. He then spent a good two years working as a musician and teacher in Poland, before moving to Vienna in 1791, where he was employed as concertmaster to Princess Lubomirska. In 1802 he spent a year in Paris. Returning to Vienna in May 1803, he settled in the Danubian metropolis, a few trips with Princess Lubomirska to her estates in Galicia excepted; when she died in 1817, she left him a pension for life. On 18th September 1831, Peter Hänsel succumbed to the cholera then raging in Vienna. His manuscript autobiography with catalogue of works (up to op. 21) is kept by the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna.


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