Repertoire for Music Schools - Album

Repertoire for Music Schools
Repertoire for Music Schools Repertoire for Music Schools
Editio Musica Budapest
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Klarinet (Bb)-Piano [Bc]
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Repertoire for Music Schools - Album

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In this volume we provide a wide selection of pieces with piano accompaniment, mainly for players in the first 3-4 years of their instrumental studies. In addition to original pieces for clarinet (e.g. Baermann, Klosé etc.) we have included Renaissance and Baroque works, Classical, Romantic and 20th-century transcriptions, and folk music arrangements. The first 11 works (which lie in the so-called chalumeau register) may also be played an octave higher, if the student's skills permit. The pieces are arranged approximately in ascending order of difficulty, and use a gradually increasing range of notes. (In a few places the order was determined by the page-turning requirements) To make them easier to play, we altered the key of two original works (Mozart: Larghetto and Bassière: Andante). Some of the performing instructions (ornaments; dynamic, articulation and breathing markings, and indications of tempo) are the original ones; others are editorial suggestions based on the possibilities and character of the clarinet and the level of knowledge that can be expected of students. We hope that the users of this volume will derive great pleasure and success from it.

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