Samtliche Orgelwerke Vol.7 (Orgelbuchlein) - Johann Sebastian Bach

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Samtliche Orgelwerke Vol.7 (Orgelbuchlein)
Samtliche Orgelwerke Vol.7 (Orgelbuchlein) Samtliche Orgelwerke Vol.7 (Orgelbuchlein)
edited by Sven Hiemke
Breitkopf & Hartel
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Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750
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Samtliche Orgelwerke Vol.7 (Orgelbuchlein) - Johann Sebastian Bach

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  • This edition has everything it takes to replace
  • the Griepenkerl edition for practical
  • music-making, opined Rainer Goede (in
  • immediately after the release of
  • Volumes 5 and 6. If such a high degree of
  • practical value is attested to these two volumes,
  • then Volume 7 can proudly claim to have the
  • highest practical value of all, since it has the
  • greatest scope of all the volumes. After all, no
  • organist can do without the basic repertoire of
  • the 45 chorale preludes. Edited by Sven Hiemke,
  • the book offers the best possible prerequisites
  • for everyday use. The musical text is as faithful
  • to the sources as possible, and it preserves
  • Bach's graphic idiosyncrasies in the beaming of
  • eighth notes and sixteenth notes. Furthermore, the
  • chorales are reproduced on three staves, which is
  • fully in keeping with the practice of the Bach era
  • - but not with the source, however, since the
  • composer himself notated the pieces of the
  • Orgelbüchlein on two staves, either for reasons of
  • economy or for lack of space. The enclosed CD-ROM
  • contains early versions and anonymous arrangements
  • which should encourage organists to explore this
  • repertoire in greater depth.

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  • volume on Intel-based 64-bit-capable processors
  • with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) systems is only
  • possible with an update which you can download at
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  • versions, older operating systems (Mac OS X 10.4,
  • Tiger) unfortunately cannot be supported.

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