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Short History of Life - Willibrord Huisman

Huisman Short History of Life (1996) (4 Treble Recorders)
4 Treble Recorders
Groothandel Duitsland
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Willibrord Huisman 1956
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Altblokfluit Ensemble Moeck
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Short History of Life - Willibrord Huisman

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The following elucidation of the composition process may be interesting to some players. However it is not meant as an explanation of the piece to an audience - the piece should not at all be presented as being programme music. The compository principle used throughout most of the piece is that of evolution. The themes evolve out of each other, gradually becoming more and more complex, sometimes reaching unexpected moments of harmony, as if they were the musical equivalents of Darwin's species. This process, however, would be perpetual, whereas a piece of music needs an end, and preferably even a form. Therefore, two evolutionary catastrophies are brought into play as true dei ex machina. The first is a sudden destruction of all complexity - its equivalent in biological life is the meteor impact that suddenly ended the Cretaceous period, driving the dinosaurs to extinction. The second is the appearance of an over-dominating theme, that eliminates all other themes one by one, proudly reaching its own harmony, until finally it reaches its own breakdown, and with that, the breakdown of the musical life itself. Readers with a pessimistic imagination will easily conceive of a proper equivalent in biological life. Evolution is more and more acknowledged as being the basic principle in a wide variety of processes, life on earth being only one of them. Evolutionary algorithms can create very efficient structures and procedures, regardless of scale and environment: cells, organs, organisms, ecosystems, social and economic systems, computers. The notion that evolution is such a wide-spread phenomenon gave birth to the idea that a musical piece based on it should have a natural esthetic quality, regardless of whether the listener realises that evolution is taking place. Therefore, a listener might just as well interpret the titel as A short history of a life, or follow any other interpretation in which a process is taking place, or no interpretation at all. Willibrord Huisman

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