Sonate g-moll (nach BWV 527) - Johann Sebastian Bach

Treble Rec.- Harpsichord
Sonate g-moll (nach BWV 527)
edited by Winfried Michel
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Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750
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Sonate g-moll (nach BWV 527) - Johann Sebastian Bach

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The aim of our present edition of the third Trio Sonata for organ, BWV 527, for treble recorder and obligato harpsichord is to make one of Johann Sebastian Bach's chamber music works accessible to recorder players. Since the middle of the 18th century, there have been a great variety of transcriptions of the six trio sonatas for organ. Bach himself used the second movement of this third trio sonata in the middle movement of his a minor Concerto for traverse flute, violin, harpsichord and strings, BWV 1044. And Mozart transcribed the same movement in his 6 Fugues for string trio (K 404a). To play the sonata on treble recorder, it had to be transposed from d minor to g minor. The harpsichord part remains just as playable. Skilled recorder players will have no problem with the key. Some of the flute's ornaments however, such as trills and mordents, may be omitted, being technically and musically better suited to a keyboard instrument. Players may add slurs in all movements, particularly the last, and pedal points in the bass may be struck repeatedly. Some thorough bass chords have been added to rests in the inner voice, merely as a suggestion.


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