Sounds Irish for Alto or Tenor]Saxophone and Piano - James Rae

6 Original Pieces
Rae Sounds Irish for Alto or Tenor]Saxophone and Piano (6 Original Pieces)
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Universal Edition
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James Rae 1957
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Altsaxofoon-Piano [Bc]
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Altsaxofoon Tenorsaxofoon Universal Edition
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Sounds Irish for Alto or Tenor]Saxophone and Piano - James Rae

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Irish traditional music is in many ways unique, not only because of its rich vanety, but also because it is part of the everyday life of the ordinary people. It is not considered to be some kind of 'National Heritage', nor is it something merely to be trundled out on special occasions.

In addition to a wealth of songs, which range from the sentimental and comic to ballads reflecting the country's turbulent history, its instrumental music is essentially 'music for dancing' and centred on uniquely Irish instruments and techniques.

In this collection of original pieces, James Rae recaptured some of the essence of Irish music, both vocal and instrumental. For example, One Cold Grey Morning (No 2) has a melody written in a scale akin to our Dorian Mode - in this case C minor, but with an Aq instead of an A~. This particular scale is a common feature of much Irish Music. The saxophone is an instrument capable of great agility as weil as expressive melodic playing and is thus ideally suited for such a collection.

Parts are included for both E- and B-instruments.

Zoek door nummers:

  • 1. A Drop O' The Hard Stuff
  • 2. One Cold, Grey Morning
  • 3. Harry's Empty Glass
  • 4. Beyond The Headland
  • 5. Kieran In The Kitchen
  • 6. His Father's Son

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