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Heumann The Classical Piano Method Finger Fitness 1 Heumann The Classical Piano Method Finger Fitness 1 Heumann The Classical Piano Method Finger Fitness 1 Heumann The Classical Piano Method Finger Fitness 1 Heumann The Classical Piano Method Finger Fitness 1 Heumann The Classical Piano Method Finger Fitness 1
Heumann The Classical Piano Method Finger Fitness 1





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Devised as a either a stand-alone volume, or as a supplement to the Method Book 1, Finger Fitness 1 provides 50 useful and fun exercises and studies to help improve all aspects of playing technique. In line with The Classical Piano Method, the pieces are a mix of established exercises drawn from the classical repertoire, as well as newly composed contemporary pieces by the author. Suitable for beginner pianists, the exercises in each book will help you to develop finger strength and independence, evenness, accuracy and speed of playing, as well as articulation and general musicality. Exercises are presented in a progressively graded format, providing the student with relevant material as their playing ability develops. About The Classical Piano Method: This is ideal for adults and young people looking to learn the piano from scratch, or for those returning to the piano after a substantial break from playing. As the learner, you will gain a traditional, classic technique, and will be introduced to interesting, varied and well-known classical pieces right from the outset. The method is friendly and is carefully designed to progress in small manageable steps, beginning with simple fingering patterns and exercises, moving onto some of the most beautiful melodies and pieces from the baroque, classical and romantic eras: such as the Ode to Joy, Für Elise and the Blue Danube Waltz. The Method Books lead you through a range of exercises, repertoire pieces to learn, theory checks, clear instruction & diagrams on playing and technique, tips on practising, and composer biographies. They also enclose a CD on which you can listen to all the pieces performed on a grand piano by a concert pianist, as well as some additional accompanying parts which you can use as play-along tracks. Learning is made interesting, informed and fun. Method Book 1 includes lessons on posture, hand positions, staves, clefs, chordsà. Method Book 2 includes lessons on intervals, changing hand positions, cadences, inversions, triplets, syncopation, 6/8 timeà


  • Repetition
  • Two-Finger Legato
  • Three Finger Legato
  • Four-Finger Legato
  • Five-Finger Legato
  • Two Notes Joined with a Slur
  • Skips
  • Alternating Hands
  • Playing with Hands Together
  • Preparatory Legato
  • Exercise with Legato and Staccato
  • Parallel
  • Shaps and Flats
  • Chromatic Study
  • Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes
  • Melodix Etude for Five Fingers
  • Plaing in Unison
  • Playing in Congtrary Motion
  • Playing in Lateral Motion
  • Little Melodix Study
  • Finger Stregth and Equalization of all Fingers
  • Intervals from a Second to a Fifth
  • Right and Left Hand Melody
  • Evenness of all Fingers
  • C. Czerny: The Little Pianist, op. 823/13
  • Imitation Study
  • Triad Exercise
  • C. Czerny: Easy Exercise, op. 139/3
  • Walking Fingers
  • Ostinato Study
  • Finger Strength and Equalization of all Fingers
  • C. Czerny: The Young Pianist's First Steps, op.
  • 82/27
  • Evenness and Articulation Study
  • Accuacy
  • Broken Chord Exercise
  • Preparatory Exercise for No. 37
  • Evenness and Articulation Study
  • C. Czerny: Fist Instructor, op. 599/3
  • Bordun Exercise
  • Finger Strength Study
  • Sustaining Fingers
  • Preparatory Exercise for No. 43
  • Finger Strength Study
  • Rhythmic Articulation Exercise
  • Cross Hand Etude
  • Changes between Two Neighbouring Keys
  • Evenness Study
  • Block Chords and Broken Chords
  • Skips with Block Chords
  • Skips with Broken Chords













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