The Yeomen of the Guard Vocal Score - Gilbert Sullivan

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The Yeomen of the Guard Vocal Score
The Yeomen of the Guard Vocal Score The Yeomen of the Guard Vocal Score
Faber Music Ltd.
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Gilbert Sullivan
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Faber Music Opera Piano-Vocal-Guitar
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The Yeomen of the Guard Vocal Score - Gilbert Sullivan

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Yeomen of the Guard is a more serious Gilbert and Sullivan opera and this perhaps accounts for it's original lukewarm reception, as it ran contrary to audience expectation. Set in the Tower of London in the sixteenth century, the libretto concerns a jester, Jack Point and his girl Elsie, who plot to aid a war hero who is sentenced to die in the Tower. That hero, Colonel Fairfax, has been condemned to die by a relative who stands to inherit his fortune. Fairfax wants to marry someone just before his execution, so that his bride will inherit instead. Jack sets Elsie up to marry Fairfax, thinking it will do no harm. However, Fairfax escapes and remains in the area in disguise. He spots Jack trying to woo Elsie and gives a demonstration of the proper way to woo, winning Elsie's affections himself. In the end, everyone pairs off except Jack, who loses Elsie to Fairfax and is heartbroken.

Zoek door nummers:

  • Act 1:
  • 1. The story
  • 2. When maiden loves
  • 3. When our gallant Norman foes
  • 4. Is life a boon
  • 5. I have a song to sing
  • 6. I've jibe and joke
  • 7. Were I the bride
  • Act 2:
  • 8. The story
  • 9. Oh! a private buffoon
  • 10. Here-upon we're both agreed
  • 11. Free from his fetters grim
  • 12. Strange adventure
  • 13. A man who would woo a fair maid
  • 14. When a woo-er goes a-wooing
  • 15. Rapture, rapture

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