Visions for piano solo - Susan Owers

Owers Visions for piano solo
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Susan Owers
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Piano Solo
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Visions for piano solo - Susan Owers

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Seven evocative piano solos, minimalist in style. Easy to play film music style. Composer's Notes: The Promise: A promise of unconditional love between two people. Although dynamics are marked, they are a guide. Please play freely. After The Rain: The rain has stopped, the air is fresh, leaves glisten in the sun. Play simply with an initial air of stillness, taking care with articulation and left hand note placement. Moonlit Dance: A waltz with some rubato. This piece was written for a young friend who was experiencing a great loss, to convey to her a sense that all will be well. Night Kiss: Imagine a romantic moonlit walk with a little flirtation and a stolen kiss here and there. A Celtic Dream: Loch Lomond was enchanting. I hardly slept a wink because of the spectacular view from our room window. When I play this, I am transported there. A New Day: Written November 14th 2015, following devastating news headlines from Paris. 'A new day' is about new beginnings. Mia Bella (Beautiful Light): Playful but sensitive. Mia Bella brightens any darkness with love and joy. When her work here is done, she returns to the light.

Zoek door nummers:

  • 1. The Promise
  • 2. After The Rain
  • 3. Moonlit Dance
  • 4. Night Kiss
  • 5. A Celtic Dream
  • 6. A New Day
  • 7. Mia Bella (Beautiful Light)

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