Werke zweifelhafter Echtheit fur Tasteninstrumente - Johann Sebastian Bach

edited by Bartels-Rempp
Bach Werke zweifelhafter Echtheit fur Tasteninstrumente (edited by Bartels-Rempp) (Barenreiter-Urtext)
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Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750
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Werke zweifelhafter Echtheit fur Tasteninstrumente - Johann Sebastian Bach

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A large number of works have survived bearing the name of Johann Sebastian Bach, the authenticity of which have been called into question on various occasions. This edition now combines all those pieces where Bach's authorship has been either verified by the musicologists at the New Bach Edition or where there is a degree of certainty about this. The edition gathers together a range of different types of composition: as well as numerous preludes and fugues, there are toccatas, dance and concert works. Two adaptations after the violin solo sonatas BWV 1003 and 1005 are worth special mention. These two works demonstrate particularly clearly what applies to all the other works in this volume: whether BachÆs authorship is doubtful or not, there is no question that this is a collection of fascinating music.

Zoek door nummers:

  • Preface
  • Faksimilia / Facsimiles: Suite B-Dur BWV 821,
  • Fantasie und Fuge B-Dur
  • BWV 907, Sonate d-Moll BWV 964
  • Suite B-Dur BWV 821
  • Toccatina d-Moll bestehend aus / consulting of
  • Präludium d-Moll BWV
  • 899/1, Fuge d-Moll BWV 900/02, Adagio und Presto
  • a-Moll BWV 923a,
  • Allegretto scherzando d-Moll BWV 844, Andante
  • g-Moll BWV 969, Presto
  • d-Moll BWV 970
  • Scherzo e-Moll BWV 844a
  • Fantasie und Fuge d-Moll BWV 905
  • Fantasie und Fughetta B-Dur BWV 907
  • Fantasie und Fughetta D-Dur BWV 908
  • Konzert und Fuge c-Moll BWV 909
  • Präludium c-Moll BWV 919
  • Vier kleine Präludien BWV 939-942:
  • Präludium 1 C-Dur BWV 939
  • Präludium 2 d-Moll BWV 940
  • Präludium 3 e-Moll BWV 941
  • Präludium 4 a-Moll BWV 942
  • Präludium C-Dur BWV 943
  • Fuge a-Moll BWV 947
  • Fuge B-Dur BWV 955
  • Fuge B-Dur, Frühere Fassung / Earlier version, BWV
  • 955a
  • Fuge e-Moll BWV 956
  • Fuge a-Moll BWV 958
  • Sonate d-Moll BWV 964 (nach BWV 1003)
  • Adagio G-Dur BWV 968 (nach BWV 1005/1)
  • Sarabanda con Partite BWV 990
  • Polonaise d-Moll (nach BWV 1067)
  • Toccata f-Moll, Fassung A / Version A, BWV Anh. 85
  • Toccata f-Moll, Emendierte Fassung B / Emended
  • version B, BWV Anh. 85
  • Fuge g-Moll BWV Anh. 101
  • Präludium und Fuge Es-Dur BWV Anh. 177
  • Fughetta d-Moll BWV deest
  • Fantasie h-Moll BWV deest
  • Menuet und Trio a-Moll BWV deest
  • Fantasie h-Moll BWV deest

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