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Fower-Golding Learn to Play Rock and Pop Trumpet Fower-Golding Learn to Play Rock and Pop Trumpet
Fower-Golding Learn to Play Rock and Pop Trumpet




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A revolutionary method for teaching brass is here to rock the boat. Say hello to BrassTabs.

BrassTabs brings the simplicity of guitar tabs to trumpet and trombone players. It uses the harmonics or partials of a brass instrument like the strings on a guitar, with valve or slide positions on each harmonic for trumpet and trombone respectively. BrassTabs encourages ear training and the fundamentals of brass playing while giving beginners and returning players alike the chance to jam along to a host of hits. Now you can grab two new BrassTabs publications: Learn to Play Rock & Pop Trumpet and Learn to Play Rock & Pop Trombone, published by Warwick Music and distributed by Hal Leonard.

Created by music education experts Chris Fower and Grant Golding, these colorful books are packed with tips and exercises to get all players started with BrassTabs. Each book contains a range of tracks to suit players of all ages, in the key of the original recordings. There are rock tracks from bands like Queen, Kaizer Chiefs, and Nirvana, along with pop tunes from Camilla Cabello, BTS, and Lady GaGa. Players can scan the QR codes to hear real musicians playing the licks from twenty-four top tunes.

As a gateway to trumpet and trombone, BrassTabs helps players to start music smarter.










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