Music Moves for Piano Student Book 4 - Marilyn Lowe, Edwin Gordon

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Music Moves for Piano Student Book 4
Music Moves for Piano Student Book 4




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Book 4 introduces Dorian and Mixolydian tonalities and new improvisation exercises. Activities include how to create arrangements and medleys, and how to make melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic variations.

Book 4 is a workbook for developing more advanced audiation skills while students learn increasingly difficult repertoire.

New improvisation, music notation, and keyboard skills help students grow in musicianship.

Dorian and Mixolydian tonalities are presented with their resting tones, characteristic tones, melodic cadences, and primary cadences.

Unusual meter song arrangements and chants expand the understanding of meter.

Students learn how to create melodic and rhythmic varations. Variation, three-part and rondo forms are introduced.

Students learn to play in A-flat Major and F Minor, E-flat Major and C Minor, and B-flat Major and G Minor.

A complete piano method for students K through adult, Music Moves for Piano is the first piano method to apply Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory to the teaching of piano. This method is for students of all levels of music aptitude and any age. When music is taught as an aural art, lessons build a foundation for lifelong musical enjoyment and understanding. The progression from “sound to notation” leads to fluent music performance, reading, and writing.

Students who use this program will learn to:
- Feel rhythm through movement activities and chant rhythm patterns.
- Sing songs and tonal patterns to develop pitch sensitivity and a “listening” ear.
- Understand the various ingredients of music, such as rhythm, meter, tonality, harmony, style, and form.
- Improvise using familiar patterns and songs: transpose, change tonality and meter, create melodic and rhythmic variations, and create accompaniments.
- Perform with tension-free technique.











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