Complete Choral Music - Barber S.

Barber Complete Choral Music SATB
Barber Complete Choral Music SATB Barber Complete Choral Music SATB
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Hal Leonard
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Samuel Barber 1910-1981
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Complete Choral Music - Barber S.

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Product description

Expanded edition with 23 additional pieces, including: two original pieces never before published (a set of rounds and a Latin motet), the first printing of Barber's transcription of Josquin de Prez's famous Ave Maria, the revised edition of Reincarnations, and more. 296 pag.

Zoek door nummers:

  • 1. A Stopwatch And Ordnance Map
  • 2. Monk & His Cat, The (Barber)
  • 3. Twelfth Night (S.Barber)
  • 4. Under The Willow Tree (Barber)
  • 5. Lament (From Twelve Rounds)
  • 6. Agnus Dei (Barber)
  • 7. Sunset (From Twelve Rounds)
  • 8. The moon
  • 9. Lamb of God (Barber)
  • 10. Dirge (From Twelve Rounds)
  • 11. Sun of the Sleepless (From Twelve Rounds)
  • 12. To Be Sung on the Water (Barber / SSAA)
  • 13. Farewell (From Twelve Rounds)
  • 14. Sure On This Shining Night (Barber)
  • 15. Heaven-Haven (A Nun Takes the Veil) versions
  • for SATB, SSAA, and TTBB
  • 16. Virgin Martyrs,The (Barber)
  • 17. God's Grandeur (Barber)
  • 18. Ad Bibinem Cum Me Rogaret ad Cenam (Barber)
  • 19. Ave Maria (Josquin de Prez)
  • 20. Let Down The Bars, O Death (Barber)
  • 21. Easter Chorale (Barber)
  • 22. To Be Sung On The Water (Barber) (SSAA)
  • 23. On The Death Of Antony (Barber) (Two Choruses)
  • 24. On The Death Of Cleopatra (Two Choruses)
  • 25. To Electra (From Twelve Rounds)
  • 26. Not I (From Twelve Rounds)
  • 27. Throstle, The (From Twelve Rounds)
  • 28. Late, Late, So Late (From Twelve Rounds)
  • 29. When Day is Gone (From Twelve Rounds)
  • 30. Mottetto on Words (From Book of Job)
  • 31. Of a Rose Is Al Myn Song (From Twelve Rounds)
  • 32. The Moon (From Twelve Rounds)
  • 33. The Moon (with piano accompaniment) (From
  • Twelve Rounds)
  • 34. Mary Hynes (Reincarnations)
  • 35. Anthony O'Daly (Reincarnations)
  • 36. Coolin, The (Reincarnations)

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