Essential Flamenco Guitar Volume 2 Book with Video Online - Juan Martin, Patrick Campbell

With Standard Notation and TAB

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Martin-Campbell Essential Flamenco Guitar Volume 2 (Book with Audio online) Martin-Campbell Essential Flamenco Guitar Volume 2 (Book with Audio online) Martin-Campbell Essential Flamenco Guitar Volume 2 (Book with Audio online) Martin-Campbell Essential Flamenco Guitar Volume 2 (Book with Audio online)
Martin-Campbell Essential Flamenco Guitar Volume 2 (Book with Audio online)





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The acclaimed first volume of this exciting series gave extensive insights into basic techniques of flamenco guitar playing and the two important rhythmic forms (palos) of Solea and Alegrias.

This second volume continues with an exploration of further essential rhythmic palos. The first of these is the Bulerias. Juan Martin brings his many years of experience as an internationally renowned flamenco soloist and accompanist for singers and dancers to unraveling its mysteries, explaining and demonstrating very clearly the different elements of its rhythmic structure and the various ways it may be accented and counted. He uses traditional and more modern examples of the different kinds of rhythm and melodic passages (falsetas) to provide an invaluable understanding of this wonderful palo.

The second rhythmic form is devoted to the popular flamenco Rumba, then Tangos, Tientos and that most profound of all the palos, the deeply moving Seguiriyas. Juan's solo playing is complemented by demonstrations of the guitar's role in accompanying the flamenco dance (baile) and song (cante) with the help of outstanding dancers Raquel de Luna and Miguel Infante and singers Amparo Heredia (La Repompilla) and Carlos Brias.

The music for solo guitar is transcribed in standard notation and tablature (cifra) and the online video contain nearly three hours of explanation and demonstrations. The series is complemented by two other best-selling Juan Martin volumes published by Mel Bay. These provide progressively graded solo material to extend the repertoire, from beginner to concert level. Includes access to online video.


  • Introduction by Juan Martín
  • Key to Symbols and Notation
  • Tuning the Guitar
  • Introductory Bulerías Sequence
  • Bulerías – The Basic Compás
  • The Compás – Slightly Faster
  • Elements of the Compás
  • Golpes in the Compás of Bulerías
  • Estilo Campero – al golpe
  • Introducing the ‘Straight’ Beat
  • The al golpe Beat Again
  • Counting in 6’s (with the ‘Straight’ Beat)
  • More on the ‘Straight’ Beat
  • Counting the Compás
  • Counting the 5 Accents Example 1
  • Counting the 5 Accents Example 2
  • Marking Beats 7, 8 and 10
  • Feeling the 6’s
  • A First Falseta
  • Thumb Technique in First Falseta
  • First Falseta – FASTER
  • Two More Falsetas
  • A Simpler Falseta
  • The Key Role of Ritmeo
  • Transition to G minor
  • Further Chord Changes in Ritmeo
  • Raquel Dances a Basic Bulerías
  • Two Classic Falsetas por arriba
  • Another Falseta por arriba
  • A Sad Falseta
  • Thumb Falseta No 1
  • Sequence in the Minor Key and por medio
  • A Sequence with Aranques
  • Analysis – The Timing of Aranques
  • Another Aranque
  • Ritmeo and Falsetas
  • Picado Falseta No 1
  • Picado Falseta No 2
  • Another Thumb Falseta
  • Some Modern Variations
  • Slapping Technique in Bulerías
  • Falseta in A Major Position
  • Raquel Demonstrates the Female Dance
  • The Llamada
  • The Accentuation in 6’s
  • Miguel Dances a Male Version
  • Raquel and Miguel
  • Amparo Sings Bulerías in Ronda
  • Rumba Sequence
  • Tu eres la fuente
  • Basic Compás
  • Right Hand in Rumba
  • Left Hand Apagado
  • Phrygian Chordal Sequence
  • Slapping Rhythm
  • Moving the Slaps
  • Rumba Song
  • Another Rhythm Technique
  • – in Slow Motion
  • Arpegio Rhythm
  • Summary of Four Rhythm Techniques
  • Rumba Solo
  • Maria Ángeles
  • El agua se va pa’ el rio
  • The Rumba’s Flexible Rhythm
  • Raquel Teaches a Simple Rumba
  • Basic Compás
  • Comparison with Tangos
  • Alternative Tientos Ending with Transitional Chords
  • Falseta Imitating the Cante
  • A Traditional Falseta
  • Tientos por arriba
  • Introduction
  • Tangos with Retuned 6th string
  • Raquel Dances Tangos
  • Basic Compás
  • Counting the Compás
  • Counting the Compás (continued)
  • Falseta de Javier Molina
  • Falseta in the Bass
  • A Classic Falseta
  • Doubling the Rhythm
  • Modern Chords for Seguiriyas
  • More Falsetas
  • Miguel Dances Seguiriyas
  • Raquel Dances Seguiriyas, Carlos Sings
  • Amparo Sings Seguiriyas
  • Intro to Next DVD & Fandangos











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