Wir Spielen Vierhandig - Emonts F.

Let's Play Duets
Wir Spielen Vierhandig
033223, 9790001055291
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Fritz Emonts 1920-2003
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Piano 4 Hands
Easy piano Piano Schott Vierhandig/Quatre Mains/Piano Duet
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Wir Spielen Vierhandig - Emonts F.

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From the very first piano lesson the teacher may and indeed should make music with his or her pupils. For the pupil, playing duets is - in most cases - the first encounter with the diverse forms of ensemble playing. Duet-playing is of such significant educational value that it should be nurtured continuously at all levels of piano study. As a result, rhythmic precision, a sense of tonal colour and expression, feel for texture, for melody and accompaniment, can be achieved with ease. The secondo parts are written so that they can also played by (more advanced) pupils. All the pieces are therefore suitable for group teaching. 37 pages.

Zoek door nummers:

  • 1. Playing with the Black Keys
  • 2. Black and White
  • 3. Adjacent Positions with a Five-Note Range
  • 4. Five Finger Position in Unison
  • 5. Changing the Hand Position within the Same
  • Piece

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